Thursday, April 29, 2010

april: practically cougars

so we have this fun awards thing we do for our student staff every year. this year, we went with an 80's theme. i was a little concerned about my outfit; let's face it--i have never worn anything that was cool or trendy. for me, it's all about the comfort factor. so when jenni and i went shopping for our 80's outfits, i wasn't expecting much.

we searched. we went to ragstock, but nothing there screamed, "holly and jenni! you must buy me!" (though jenni did find a cute pink tank top that she got.)

we went to rethreads because one of my students works there. didn't see her or anything we felt crazy about.

we went to the goodwill on state street. i found some awesome pants that were entirely unrelated to our endeavor.

finally, we went to the goodwill in fitchburg. we looked. we found some neon shirts. we found some crazy short overalls that were a disgusting greenish color. we found some mom jeans and shorts. they were good, but they weren't IT.

and then...and THEN! we found the pants. the pants that turned our worlds upside down. they were a snakeskin print in purple, gray, and black. jenni told me i had to try them on.



suddenly, we had our vision: we would be an 80's rock band. quickly, we tore the store apart, looking for similarly awesome pants for jenni.

and we found them!

her pants were a shiny purple pleather sort of number. HOT.

while she was trying them on, i discovered THE BOOTS.

trust me when i tell you that you have never seen anything as exquisite as the combination of these pants and these boots.

after finding pants and boots, jenni and i headed to walmart to see what we could dig up. and wouldn't you know it? miley cyrus saved our lives. (raise your hand if you thought i would ever find cause to type that sentence.) she is apparently all about the 80's, so we found shirts, a tank top for me, and jewelry. we. were. set.

after explaining my outfit, jennifer and i decided that it could use a little flair. so we added in some hot pink nails.

finally, pulling from my extensive temporary tattoo collection, i added some sparkling, flaming cherries. sooooo 80's.

throw on way too much eyeliner and mascara, a combination of shiny blue and magenta eye shadow, tease the hair, and you have yourself...PRACTICALLY COUGARS.

jungle fever makes young men HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
mothers, lock up your sons. mercy.

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  1. HA HA HA HA. wow. I NEVER thought I'd see something like this. particularly on you. WOWZERS.