Thursday, December 31, 2009

december: the world revolves around lily noela

attention: bonus pictures ahead!!

if you've spoken to me, you probably know i have a niece named lily. she is the cutest baby on the planet. i know some of you will disagree, but the great thing about this country is that i have the freedom to think that she is the cutest baby on the planet, and you have the freedom to be wrong.

this is my sweet baby girl:

i mean, come on. COME ON! tell me you wouldn't do anything for that little face. can we say heartbreaker? she's quite the little helper around the house, too. as good at dusting as me! and she always does favors for her best friend (grandma).

normally, she is not a fan of people leaving, but maybe she's tired of me. this morning, she was being a stinker, so i told her i was going back to wisconsin. she looked at me and went, "ok...goodbye!"

lily loves to spin, dance, and play my guitar. she has two very musical parents, so who can really be surprised?

baby lily is a big fan of the snow. she really likes playing in it. and she really, really likes eating it. could be one of her new favorite things. most little kids look cute in their winter gear...lily is just like a little cupcake. she's ridiculous.

if you think that lil is cute when awake, she's like a little angel when she's asleep. and check out the hair.

this is my baby. and i love her.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

get them out of the van!

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Friday, December 4, 2009

steak yeah!