Sunday, November 29, 2009

november: vampire babies are running amuck

i spent thanksgiving with mj's family. which really means that i got to hang out with the vampire baby. i love him.

sometime in the future, i may write a book called, 'what to expect when you're expecting a vampire baby.' here are some highlights:

vampire babies love cookie dough. and if they aren't already pale enough, they also love to spread flour EVERYWHERE.
vampire babies are very expressive.

or maybe that's the look vampire babies give when they get caught.

sometimes, vampire babies are thirsty for blood.

the most important thing to know about vampire babies is that they don't always know how to communicate just what they are trying to say. aside from touching your head to transfer thoughts and images, it is recommended to teach them sign language.

he's saying blue, if you're curious. and yes, those are blue sprinkles all over his hands.

adler is a super cute vampire baby. enough said.